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International Student Interview №1 『I study biotechnology at this technical college not a university. The reason being…』(Tokyo Technical College , biotechnology department)〔056-English〕

Tokyo Technical College (TTC) has several training courses, such as game-programming, architecture, interior-design and biotechnology. TTC has welcomed international students from overseas for a few decades. The lectures and hands-on lab trainings are conducted in Japanese, and the international students learn a lot of scientific knowledge and lab skills together with Japanese students. In the department of biotechnology, we had one student from Malaysia in 2021. I’ll introduce Ong-san who is studying life science and practicing biotech-lab skills in TTC. 

(Japanese version is”here“)


Ong-san is from Malaysia. He fell in love with Japan during a family trip and chose to study in Japan after graduating high school. He is a cooperative and hardworking student and is an active leader in his class.

I have an unforgettable memory of him. I saw him walking up stairs painfully on a morning three month ago. I asked him “what’s wrong?”, and he said he had  a stomachache for several days but still came to school because he didn’t want to miss his favorite lab class. I took him to the hospital immediately. He had appendicitis. Fortunately, he didn’t need to be hospitalized and got better after taking antibiotics for a few days. I was very impressed with his dedication toward his studies. His dream is to work as a researcher in Japan after he graduates. He is working hard every day to realize his dream.


Why did you want to study in Japan?

I traveled to Japan with my family when I was 17 years old. I still remember that I was very excited and touched when I saw the panorama of Tokyo from the Tokyo SKY Tree observatory. Besides, Sumidagawa River fireworks festival, Cheery blossom viewing in Ueno park etc, Japan festivals were fantastic. As I want to keep going with science in the future, I would like to study in Japan where science and technology are areas where so much innovation happens.


—Tell us about your current student life.

At first when I came to Japan, I was unhappy about certain things with living here. But, I was able to make good friends while working at my part time job and they gave me moral support during tough times. With the support of friends and teachers, living in Japan is much more enjoyable now. As I juggle work, studies and relationships, I plan to stick to my schedule as I go further into my third year.



—You studied at another university in Japan, but you stopped learning there. Why did you choose to learn at TTC?

I majored in mechanical engineering in a university. But in the first semester, I realized I had more interest in biology and chemistry. In order to learn professional knowledge in technology and skills in laboratory experiment, I thought that a Technical College would suit me better, by using the Internet and searching for my personally tailored requirements. I was able to find TTC, a place that fulfills my requirements and supports my future dreams.


—What do you think after studying biotechnology here in TTC?

The lab class is more difficult than I had expected but I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I successfully complete an experiment. Thanks to my professional teachers that taught me a lot of biotechnology knowledge, I learned how to use those high technology machines in lab class. Besides, study with friends in school is much funnier than online classes.


—What is your dream for the future (or post-graduation goal)?

My ambition is become a biochemist. I will do my best to reach my goal.


—Please give a message to international students who are considering studying in Japan.

First of all, the most important thing in studying abroad in Japan is to learn Japanese properly. If you have not serious financial problems, please do not get part time job as you are a student. Because it is very difficult to maintain your time and stamina to focus on study.


Thank you very much, Ong-san. He is studying every subject in Japanese in TTC. He responded to all the questions in Japanese as well as in English.


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