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International Student Interview №2『Learning Japanese through anime! Finding new goal at TTC!』 (Tokyo Technical college, biotechnology department)〔127-English〕


With anime character key chains swinging on his backpack, “did you get another new one?” he replied with a bashful smile. He is Chan, an international student from Hong Kong. After graduating from Japanese language school, he came across the Biotechnology program at Tokyo Technical College (TTC) through our school website and blog, which led to his enrollment.

Since childhood, he has had a deep love for anime and video games. He diligently studied Japanese and managed to achieve an impressive level for proficiency, earning the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N1). His language ability allows him to take classes, exams, write reports and make presentations in Japanese with hardly any struggles.

Not only being highly motivated to learn and excels in his studies, he is also never late or absent for school. As educators, we are truly impressed by his attitude in showing a great deal of care in experiments and after-school cleaning duties. Being kind and supportive, classmates are always having a fun time around him.

(Japanese vesion is here)

ーーーWhat made you to decide to study in Japan?

I have been working ever since my Higher Diploma graduation, and on my 29th birthday, I thought to myself “I want to get out and try studying overseas while I still have some wiggle room (before turning 30)”. Since I have a deep love for the Japan’s anime and video game culture (especially Pretty Cure and fighting games), if I got to pick a place to go, Japan would be the country for me to enjoy my oversea student life and my interest, so that’s how I came to my decision.

ーーーWhy did you choose to study at TTC ?

Biology had been my favorite subject since secondary school, but my university entrance exam results were pretty bad which caused me my chance to enroll into any of the biology related course. Still having the dream of getting to study in the biology field, I decided to enroll into the TTC Biotechnology program.

ーーーWhat is your thought after studing biotechnology here in TTC ?

The syllabus is pretty wide, aside from the biology related lessons like about cells and mouse, we also have courses ranging from chemistry experiments and calculations to biology English. At first, I was pretty worried about have lessons with Japanese, but with the help of the summary sheets and tests made by the teachers for every lesson, studying is so much more manageable.

ーーーIs there any course you are looking forward to in TTC?

I’m looking forward to the microorganism lessons. When I think of the term “biotechnology”, it would have to be someone working in a clean room and hence.

ーーーTell as about your current student life.

Apart from the school lessons, I also have a part time job at a gyudon place and have been helping running a fighting game tournament. Sometimes things are a bit overwhelming and tires me out, but everyday is fulfilling that I’m enjoying this life a lot.

ーーーAre you cooking for yourself ?

I do cook for myself from time to time. I like Japanese curry a lot, and using curry roux to make stir fried vegetables is surprisingly good.

ーーーWhat is your dream for the future ?

I want to land a job in japan. Using the knowledge I have accumulated, I want to have a balanced life between my career and interest.

ーーーPlease give a message to international students who are considering studying in Japan.

If you got the courage to study overseas, I’m sure you also got the courage to deal with all the hardships coming your way. If you face any problem during your stay, please don’t hold them all to yourself, talk to your friends and family. Lastly, since you get to stay overseas, it would be a nice chance to try out anything you are interested in.

Chan’s motto is “Shoshikantetsu” (初志貫徹), meaning carrying out one’s original intention to the end. With a goal in pursuing a career as a biotechnology expert in japan, he attends classes with the determination to follow through on the path he initially set out for.

Family support plays a huge part for his motivation in going forward in a foreign country. “I am always grateful for my parents who always support in any path I decided to take.” Being proficient in Chinese, as well as English and Japanese, he is well-equipped to become an internationally acclaimed professional with the biotechnology skills acquired at TTC. After summer vacation, the 3rd term will begin, which includes Chan’s most looking forward subject, microbiology practices. Let’s enjoy learning together!

Reported by Izuru Miyanoshita.

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